June 24, 2013

We are a local Toronto family starting GAPS for health and wellness reasons.  Our young daughter was struggling with weight gain due to frequent vomiting.  We went from Doctor to Doctor trying many solutions.  Almost immediately after starting the GAPS Diet we saw a change.  Not after just a few months, she has had a complete turnaround.  From the start, Katalin was an invaluable resource for us in the adoption of the program.  Her tireless enthusiasm has been a great help to us in the challenges of starting this regime.  Things are going famously thanks to Katalin!

Thank so much Katalin,
Steve, Tori, Eden and Aubrey.


Tue, Feb 17, 2015

It was a year at the end of October 2014 that my son Andrew had been fully on the GAPS/ Specific Carbohydrate diet. We kept him completely restricted for a few more months as he was too afraid to deviate from it as he had never felt better. In the year, Andrew grew 2 1/2 inches and gained over 20 lbs. He looks good, feels good and has never had more energy. He hasn’t complained once of a sore stomach and his digestive issues seemed to have disappeared completely.

He plans on eating this way the rest of his life with the exception of occasionally having the odd piece of birthday cake, treating himself to an ice-cream dessert or having a slice of pizza every so often. He has slowly tested this at an occasional birthday party or family vacation since Dec. and he has tolerated the food fine. However, he values his health and wants to continue to feel as good as he does as long as he lives so the GAPS diet has really become a lifestyle for our entire family. We have had fun experimenting with food and discovering many very delicious recipes. The diet is highly nutritious, well-balanced, and healing.

Thank you again, Katalin, for your wealth of knowledge and for helping Andrew with his journey to health. I thank God every day for people like you who truly care about others and want to see other people not just exist in life but really live.



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